About Me


My name is Clark Stevens and I am a Business Intelligence Analyst who is passionate about using data to help drive decision making. I have held consulting and industry roles ranging from using data analytics to defend or refute legal allegations in corporate lawsuits to analyzing revenue and payer behavior in healthcare. I currently work for a young tech startup in the Seattle area, Jobaline, that is using data and technology to automate the hiring of hourly workers.

Like many, I did not plan on my career going into Business Intelligence. I studied Finance and Economics in College. My first job after graduation was a forensic litigation consultant. I barely knew how to hobble together a pivot table in Excel, but this company put me through a SQL bootcamp and I was thrown into the fire immediately.

I focus on what I like to call ‘Analytical SQL’ meaning that the purpose of the query is to pull and structure data to facilitate an analysis. I am not a dba who is focused on optimizing queries and managing permissions. I use data to tackle complex and new business problems in order to inform the business and drive decision making.

My data visualization tool of choice is Tableau. Living in the Seattle area it is difficult not to be pulled in to the cult of Tableau, but that aside I feel Tableau offers the best mix between flexibility and power. I am a member of the Seattle Tableau Usergroup (SeaTUG) leadership team which hosts monthly meetups to talk about data, analytics and Tableau as well. I am thrilled to share my musings and analytical techniques with you and hear yours. Thank you for visiting!